Vegetarian indian restaurant in brussels.

Vegetarian indian restaurant in brussels..

ROYAL INDIAN RESTAURANT is high quality No 1 Vegetarian indian restaurant in brussels. We have something for everyone, giving our customers a variety of meal options to choose from, for a delicious and delectable experience.
We are serving dishes prepared with traditional recipes with exceptional taste and best quality ingredients. Enjoy the dishes made from our original recipes as we craft the old recipes while adding our ultimate twist to it.
Rich and buttery flavors mixed with authentic spices of India, our menu is full of exciting food items with the traditional taste of Indian cuisine.
• When the efforts are sincere, intentions noble and the aspirations high, success is a natural by-product.
• We at ROYAL INDIAN RESTAURANT follow the perfect formula for success. Delicious food prepared under extremely hygienic conditions, served in a clean environment with a lot of passion and the reasonable pricing is the perfect answer to our gourmet, budget conscious customer.
• To offer high quality vegetarian food without compromising on taste.
• To increase the operational efficiency by periodic monitoring of Quality Management System.
• To achieve cost reduction by minimising wastage and better operational techniques.
• To increase our market share through better public relations and expanding the network.
• To introduce new products in keeping with the customers’ changing preferences.
• To ensure highest degree of cleanliness and hygiene in preparation, preservation and serving of food.
• To motivate our work force by encouraging them to achieve our goals.