Indian Restaurant in Brussels

Indian Restaurant in Brussels.

Royal Indian Restaurant is famous for extensive menus with flavour some and delicious meals for the foodies craving Indian classics cooked the traditional way. The Indian thali with buttery naans, veggies, spicy pickles and pappadums followed by tempting sweets are made the traditional way. Their specialties include chicken and veg biryani.
If you’re having a bad day after endless hours of mind numbing work, all you need is a good meal. This place will heal you completely with its food. The poppadom’s with delicious chutneys and tikkas will turn your day around.
For the greatest chicken korma of all times, arrive at this tiny yet casual and warm place which caters to personalized needs of Indian recipes and dishes.
Easily accessible and lovely vibe – what more could you expect from a restaurant? Dim lighting, soft music and an elaborate menu of tongue twister names with mind blowing tastes will make you want only more while you’re dining here.
Royal Indian Restaurant restaurant has warm and fuzzy vibes. The smells of different spices wafting through the air will send you in a tizzy.
The drinks will give you an authentic essence of India. Make sure to book a table before reaching the restaurant.
Royal Indian Restaurant gives you quality food and never disappoints.
A good amounts of serving, reasonable prices and strategic location makes this place one of the best Indian Restaurant in Brussels